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That spiky feeling! Have you loved it? Have you always lusted after it? Well Kay’ has always been a stud  chic. Whether it’s her leather jacket or those yummy booties, she likes studs as she likes her daily morning double eggs with toast.

Studs reflect a very tough demeanor. Something that Kay’ has always admired. So once she chanced upon a shop which sold these beauties. It was like being in a candy shop. She couldn’t decide what she wanted pick. But then after much staring and affectionate adoring, she chose the conical studs. Bought some fabric glue from a quaint shop next to her building and let her imagination run wild. She stuck them to her favourite ‘colour block’ bag and Voila..what she had is pure brilliance! So much so that when she carries the clutch, all eyes are on her. Oh how she likes it. But with an impish grin, she just walks!

It’s Easy. Just 3 steps, Kay’ promise!

1.       Gather your favourite bag, a handful of studs and some fabric glue.

2.     Stick them to the edges of the bag

3.    Let it dry for an hour.

Final Result: THE Beauty

Go ahead, explore your ‘stud’ side!

Text: By Sarika Nagdeo and Kaveri Waghela


As the bright sun dips into hibernation, winter comes calling. Though there is no special winter month, here in Mumbai. Kay’ still feels the dryness that takes her over. The sudden nip in the air gives an invitation to the ‘ flaky devil’ that causes major skin irritation. Kay loves her skin, but hates it when her skin goes through turmoil. Those ugly white dry patches that becomes worse by the day…

So one night, when Kay’ was having her midnight hot chocolate, she accidentally spill it on her self. She smelled of chocolate and she loved it. She loved the smell of it, she loved the creamy goodness of it against her skin. “What if I could use chocolate on my skin?” she asked to herself. Then the thought vanished as fast as it came. She washed herself clean and went to sleep. Next morning, somebody presented her the ‘Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula’. It was a fat jar, fatter than her. She opened it and smelled the buttery goodness. It smelled like melted chocolate! She dipped her fingers in it. It was pure velvet!  She then applied it to her hands. Her skin has been glowing ever since. She is no longer afraid of those scaly white patches on her skin. The magic formula had worked.

The ‘dream fairy’ gifted it to her.

Kay’s star’s:  5  on 5.

Does she recommend it: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Caution: It’s so chocolatey, she once tried to eat it. Don’t EAT it!

Disclaimer: All the products mentioned in this review are bought by the owners of this blog until mentioned otherwise.

Text: Kaveri Waghela

So then one night she woke up with a jolt. It was still dawn. Her left eye still lay shut. The vignette vision didn’t distinguish between colours. Everything was hazy. She lay there still. Half sleepy, half wondering about what that meant. She hadn’t forgotten about the pact she had signed last night on an imaginary piece of paper. The imaginary pact read, “Tomorrow morning you will put your mind to the right things. The things that interest you and throw it open for the world to see”. She thought she was dreaming. So she slapped herself really hard, pulled out her blanket and went to sleep. Next morning, she woke up to the noise of television. Somebody was watching ‘Citizen Kane’. “Who watches Citizen Kane at 8 am? ”, she asked. No one spoke except Citizen Kane himself answered, “You are too old to be called anything else.” She stared at the dashing Orson Welles for several minutes. “I hope nobody ever said that to me”, she thought. She knew there was nothing like a ‘right time’ and she had to do it then, at that moment. So on one cloudless morning, she did it. She made CitizenKay with all her heart. Not thinking about the cons, not thinking about its future, not thinking about whether that idea will work. She had her mind that’s all. Then she continued watching Citizen Kane.

 So then with that thought,  Sarika Nagdeo and Kaveri Waghela made Citizenkay. They both are like Yin and Yang. One likes Grey and the other revels in brights. But Citizenkay bought them together. For the love of fashion that is!

                    Photography: Anonymous

                    Models: Sarika Nagdeo and Kaveri Waghela

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