This is a personal interest blog on fashion and lifestyle. So why are we  writing, why are we  even here?  The reason is simple. Our love for fashion is incurable. This is a sincere effort to drive our  energy into the most productive force through some sartorial elegance. There are some things in life that don’t let you sleep. They disturb you through crazy hallucinations. Yes, fashion was it. We believe fashion is an art. Our sincere effort will be to mix high end fashion in a contemporary way. That’s because we think fashion should be attainable; primarily because our purse strings don’t necessary reach up to Tod’s!  In our opinion, It is just not only about the clothes you wear.. it’s about the art that goes behind it. That was it, we knew we belonged here.

Just in case you are wondering who ‘we’ are…

Sarika Nagdeo is a College Cutie who loves all things peplum. A passionate soul and a DIY queen. She can totally win you over by her cuteness and that flirty charm. Besides that, she loves all things Neon!

Kaveri Waghela is a dreamer, a trial and error queen and a crazy vagabound. Her dream is just to own those enviable ‘chanel goodies’ and eat french fries all day! Besides that, she wakes up every day with fashion in her mind.

Citizenkay is a cute lovechild of these two humans.


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