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All You Wanted To Know About Trends for Autumn 2013

As we get in the autumn in many parts of the world, it is actually the time to look ahead of the spring and summer trends that seem now to be boring. Here is a close take at the trends of the autumn and all you needed to know to stay in vogue. It is pertinent to mention here that there will be soon new trends on the block from new designers. These will just give you a hint what may rule the ramp and the stores in the coming months, and what clothes online you can invest into.

Trend 1: All in white:


For the summers, we had all the colours to try on, and everyone seemed to love the trend of more colours and patterns. Designers for their fall collections have come up with a unique choice of white for an entire outfit, starting from head to the toe. Are you short on budget? Don’t worry, the trend will ensure that you have something to mix and match for every kind of look. The style is simple and easy to afford and ensemble.

Trend 2: Typical Patterns:


Don’t go by the word, when we say typical, we mean classic in every aspect. There are some amazing patterns that came back in the limelight, which includes large mixed prints, leopard prints, and pinstripes to name a way. Every other design that seemed to be rocking in the past is a rage in the present autumn season. Victoria Beckham was one designer who seemed to be extremely impressed with the idea for her collection.

Trend 3: Green at its best:


The colourful shades of green were looking enchanting in the collections of many designers such as Richard Chai Love and Marc Jacobs. Look for the most unobvious colours such as army green and emerald, and you will be surprised to see how it complements your skin tone and sense of fashion. Smart, elegant and truly rocking!

Trend 4: Slouchy Pants:


Avoid those cropped pants and well fitted ones for some time in the autumn as this is the season that is all about loose pants. With narrow cut and loose detailing, such pants look worth millions when pair with heels and medium sized handbags. For the top, keep the details simple. The design proved to be a jackpot in collections of designers like Prabal Gurung and Calvin Klein.

Trend 5: Unique Outerwear:


Think of Outerwear for the season in varied shapes combined with high heels. There are so many different ideas for coats with shapes and colours that can surprise any fashionista. Ideal for your weekends and casual hangouts, these kind of outwear must be at least in two different shapes in your collection. If you are looking for some inspiration, look for the collection of Marchesa and Altuzarra.

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Bio: Suzy Walsh is a guest blogger and style expert associated with the fashion website, The House of Elegance Fashion, and is known best for her unique style statements. Her take on fashion and style is simply outstanding!


So then one night she woke up with a jolt. It was still dawn. Her left eye still lay shut. The vignette vision didn’t distinguish between colours. Everything was hazy. She lay there still. Half sleepy, half wondering about what that meant. She hadn’t forgotten about the pact she had signed last night on an imaginary piece of paper. The imaginary pact read, “Tomorrow morning you will put your mind to the right things. The things that interest you and throw it open for the world to see”. She thought she was dreaming. So she slapped herself really hard, pulled out her blanket and went to sleep. Next morning, she woke up to the noise of television. Somebody was watching ‘Citizen Kane’. “Who watches Citizen Kane at 8 am? ”, she asked. No one spoke except Citizen Kane himself answered, “You are too old to be called anything else.” She stared at the dashing Orson Welles for several minutes. “I hope nobody ever said that to me”, she thought. She knew there was nothing like a ‘right time’ and she had to do it then, at that moment. So on one cloudless morning, she did it. She made CitizenKay with all her heart. Not thinking about the cons, not thinking about its future, not thinking about whether that idea will work. She had her mind that’s all. Then she continued watching Citizen Kane.

 So then with that thought,  Sarika Nagdeo and Kaveri Waghela made Citizenkay. They both are like Yin and Yang. One likes Grey and the other revels in brights. But Citizenkay bought them together. For the love of fashion that is!

                    Photography: Anonymous

                    Models: Sarika Nagdeo and Kaveri Waghela

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